Windcave - Integrated refunds

It is now possible to refund transactions from within the Alacer suite instead of needing to use the Windcave portal. Provided the transaction was originally processed via Windcave (either online, in person, or through the virtual terminal) you are able to refund up to the amount of the original payment.

To refund a payment, open the tab and press the refund button.

If there are any payments which can be refunded through the software, a list of eligible payments will be shown. The example tab above has 3 payments but only 2 were processed via Windcave and show in the list of payments which can be refunded. If you wish to process an in person refund which is not related to a listed payment, you can press the None button to show the standard refund form.

Click on a transaction to start the refund process for that payment. Ensure the on telephone method is selected and enter an amount up to the value of the original payment. You can refund amounts up to the original payment, so for a £50 payment this could be one £50 refund, or multiple refunds up to the value of £50.

You will be asked to confirm the amount to refund. If you have made a mistake you can press Cancel.

The system will then confirm the refund was successful and post a refund to the tab.

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